Adam Levine Concerts Pre-COVID

Above is a picture of Adam Levine’s concert with tons of fans. Some may not have noticed, but my little head is hidden in the front row because Adam Levine is my celebrity crush!

It’s actually a funny story of how I made it to this concert, you see it was right before COVID-19 broke out. I had a dream that the whole world would be on lockdown as the Corona virus started to appear in the US. When I woke up I knew I must see Adam Levine before this lockdown. However, his show had already been sold out, but that didn’t stop me. I dressed up like a security worker and snuck around the building.


All the other security was looking at me funny since they didn’t know me, but no questions were asked I made it into the venue! I heard some other people saying how they had front row tickets and I knew I had to have them. When the wife went to the bathroom I stole her purse with the tickets and ran to the seats.


Finally, after a long day I was able to watch Adam preform and live my best life. As you can see how happy I was in that photo!

I created this picture by using the app GIMP. I used this app because it was free compared to photoshop that I didn’t have.

Here is a screenshot of what the app looked like when I was making the picture. I started off by uploading a picture of Adam Levine at a concert. I then opened up a picture that was basically just my face. Using the box tool located in the upper left corner I resized and moved my face in the audience so it was noticeable I was there but to where I was small enough so you could tell I was in the audience. I then saved the picture as a PDF and added it to my twitter account that you can check out below!