Are we at the beach yet?

My perfect day for me would be at the beach with my best friend, but COVID-19 had to ruin summer 2020. Usually every fourth of July I am in the outer banks in North Carolina. To sum it up I am bummed right now. What better to do then to be depressed about not being on vacation. I do not even have a vacation planned this summer yet. This may be my excuse to plan one. However, I have been on a grind lately to finish my summer classes with a bang to make my senior year a light load. This depressing post has made me put together my fantasy of being someone hot and sunny with no care in the world with my best friend! On a side note, enjoy my fantasy picture and I hope everyone have a healthy and safe fourth of July!

Wishful thinking!

Below I will post screenshots to walk you through how I made the image above. I used the app Photoshop mix and started by uploading the back picture of the beach. I then added the photo of Ccelsie and I and used the Cut out tool to take away the background. The auto button in that tool works well and only left little bit of the previous picture in there. I then moved the picture of us around to where I liked on the beach and pressed save to images and then finished with my final picture!