Audio From The Experts

Coming into listening from the experts I will admit everything was new to me as I have never learned about audio story telling before.


I first listened to the first two parts of Ira glass’s videos. I enjoyed that he compared that broadcasting was nothing like anything we learned in high school writing. In broadcasting there is not one big plot that you wrap your story around. He said in broadcasting you want 2 have two important things. 1 being the antidote that is the story in the purest form and 2nd the moment of reflection which is the main point of the story. I learned that making a good story you need to be constantly asking and answering questions throughout it. He stated you could have the most boring story and make it sound good by just having a good antidote. However, you will need a good antidote and moment of reflection to have a good story. I found really interesting that it takes just as much time or even more time to find a good story as to produce it. I would have always thought that editing and producing would take a lot longer than creating the story itself. I also found it very interesting that most of the stories that him and other audio experts come up with are killed. However it makes perfect sense when Glass put it into words of killing a story will make something better live. I loved that because it is so true, you have to realize when something isn’t great to make the great stories come to life.

While watching Ira Glass’s presentation I took notes to make sure I didn’t miss anything when writing my blog post. I told myself I would take notes on the stuff that I learned and I ended up taking up a whole page!

I also listened to Jad Abumrad “How radio creates empathy”. Even though this was a short clip I enjoyed the topics he talked about. I like how he pointed out that with story telling audio there is no pictures. Every story that is told may have a different image because it all comes from your ow imagination. He said with the radio you always have to be connected through the stories. Its Co-imagining when it comes to radio story telling. Because of this he believed that radio will never die, and I think I agree with him.

Overall, between the few videos I watched I learned so much in just a little time. I find it interesting to hear from the experts because most people probably don’t see the technical side of story telling. I realized it is more complicated than I thought to create the story and make it a good story. I enjoyed hearing from both guys and am excited to learn more into the audio field this week!