Best Cowboys Play of All Time!

I chose to animate Amari Cooper’s amazing play. Amari Cooper plays for the Dallas Cowboys and as a wide receiver. I remember this day of him playing like yesterday. The whole family around the TV just watching a normal game. Then bam a pass gets thrown to Amari and he catches it! We go wild in the living room until he lands on his toes. But WAIT! His toes were inside the lines!!!! Will it be a touch down or not?? We don’t know! This pass left us in question as the whole family bit their nails. Finally, the call is made. TOUCHDOWN!!! The cropper family went wild! It all happened so fast we couldn’t believe our eyes!!! Below is a GIF of how fast but incredible this pass was! GO COWBOYS!


I made this using the directions given in the the assignment by the professor! I used the app GIMP