Comments Week 4

This week I wanted to do my comments before I did my assignments because I wanted to get a feel of how my classmates were navigating their videos to give me ideas. I had already read through the assignment bank and I realized I missed over some good ones when looking at my classmates.

Below I will post screenshots of the people I made comments to!

First is Maryanne where is gave feedback of how well her upbeat song fit into the movie scene making me want to keep watching!

Next, I commented on Melissa’s site. I told her how I love how she incorporated her daughters into class. Made it fun!

Next, I commented on Mary’s website where I stated that I liked how she took the assignment in a good way and actually took her point of view that she sees a lot. Also, her tutorial was done really well!

Last but not least I commented on Jacob’s website and told him how interesting this assignment was because you never notice how much something grows until you see pictures!

Overall, I am happy I look at others assignments first it has given me some good ideas of where to start with my videos and I am excited to put my own twist on it!