Do these methods work?

When Reading over Robert Ebert’s column I think his methods do work unintentionally. Before reading it, I would have never thought the sides that a character is on in a movie can tell moods and how drastic changes like that can be. He stated that the person on the right will be more dominant than the person on the left. When watching my trailer for my movie in another assignment I found that to work as I wasn’t aware that was a thing before. I agree with him that you can do multiple different frames without even moving your camera. That is very interesting to me because of how true it is and how much most watchers don’t even realize. I can admit things like the frame never even crossed my mind before taking this class. Things like tilts can feel positive and negative and how dominant foregrounds and backgrounds relate. There is so much to videos/movies that I never realized before but if it wasn’t for them movies in my opinion wouldn’t work. The flow of the screens, the lighting and the positions of the characters make a movie and I 100% think these methods work.