This GIF describes me when I am starving not knowing what to eat. When I am hungry I get “Hangry” which means a hungry version of angry. My boyfriend knows not to mess with me when I am in that form. I will go on a rampage and go off about even the slightest thing! So stay clear from me! When my boyfriend walked in the room and I smelt delicious KOBE my smile was like no other! Kobe Japanese steakhouse is my favorite! I can transfer back into the person I am! I look over at Brandon and smile and he knows he in the clear…..well at least for today.


I created this GIF a little different than the last post. This assignment was make a GIF out if an animal and make it funny. First, I found the image of the dog online and I used GIF’s online website. I created an account and pressed create from there you can upload a picture and add text/designs and do different effects. Since I didn’t have 2 pictures to go off of I added my funny text and related it back to a story that relates to me 100%. I then saved it and embedded it here into my Blog post!