Grow Remi Grow

For this video assignment to observe something grow worth 3 stars I decided to use my puppy dog Remington. It is amazing to look back at pictures when Remi was so small compared to the human size he is now. Remi is a chocolate lab who loves anyone who is willing to give him attention. I grabbed a few of the pictures to show him grow overtime and put them together with some transitions and music to create something that is sentimental to me! So enjoy watching Remi Grow!

I edited this movie through iMovie that comes onto Macs. I first started by uploading pictures of Remington.

I put them all together and made each picture 2 seconds each. I then added audio that I saved off of free

I then clicked the transitions tab and added transitions between each picture to give it a smooth transition between each picture!

After I was satisfied with my movie I saved it to my youtube account and took the link off of there to embed it into my blog!