How many pictures can you take in 15 minutes?

Before starting my photo safari I thought it would be easy to come up with picture in the given time, little did I know I was running around my basement like a chicken with its head cut off to scramble to get as many pictures as I could! I picked my basement which is currently where I live because there is multiple different rooms down here including a kitchen, a bathroom, my bedroom, a man cave and a living room so I knew I would have a variety of options! I started the safari at 1:25 and ended at 1:40. After taking all my photos I edited them to try to convey more of the message that was trying to be interpreted. Below I will post my Flikr album that will show all the images I was able to complete within the 15 minutes.

Flickr Link to my album:

In each of my photos descriptions tells what each picture is supposed to be based on the assignment

This experience was really eye opening because when I normally take pictures I don’t think of things like angles, lights, frames, etc. I was really amazed when looking at my camera roll and seeing how “professional” that group of pictures looked compared to my normal photographs.

I would say the focus on one dominant color and the pattern pictures worked for me best because they were the easiest to find so I had more time to focus it more and think of a better way to take the picture. I will embed these 2 pictures below.

In my kitchen we have a red theme throughout it!

On my living room table we have a purple pattern that I love and it stands out!

Next, the photos I found my inventive was taking a picture into a bright light and making a inanimate object look alive. These I had fun with and they came out so cool!

First taking a picture into a bright light, I accidentally had my flash on and the picture came out looking black in white and that amazed me!!!

The second picture was making a inanimate object look alive and I admit I was stuck at first, I ran around my basement clueless! Then I saw nail polish and a lightbulb went off and I think this picture came out really neat! The nail polish looks alive by it dripping by itself”.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment because I love to take pictures and this gave me a new perspective on how to create pictures I would have never thought about before!