For this assignment worth 4 stars, I was assigned to take a movie poster and make it animated. This seemed really interesting and thought it would be cool to do a scary movie animated to increase the effects! My favorite scary movie is Insidious and they have made multiple movies. I believe they are coming out with a 4th one soon. The previous three movies have all came out in theaters on my birthday so it started a tradition to watch the movie on my birthday!

I started by taking the original poster from the first movie they made.

I took that and uploaded it into a animated GIF website where you can create your own GIFS. I then changed the picture to fuzzy and added a negative effect to it. I changed the screen to fade in so it sorta looks like lighting and that gave me the final product!

I think the negative affect on the poster gave it a intensified scary effect!

Below I will post screen shots and the link I went to to create this animated photo!

Above is the website I used!