Moon Graffiti

This was a really interesting story to listen too. I think the audio people did a great job by reenacting where the story was coming from. At the beginning you heard all the different beeps and fuzzy sounds that lead to you imagine the inside of a space craft as well as being on the moon. Also, when the sound effects stopped you could tell they were trying to portray a speaker to announce the deaths. I believe sounds like this are vitally important for audio stories. These sounds give you the imagination to form. If you didn’t have these sound most stories would loose interest to the audience because it would be boring. There would be no imagination where the setting was taken place and the environment around the story. This story telling gave you not just a sense of the moon and setting itself but also the mood. You could tell when the mood got very serious to when it was more upbeat. The sounds defiantly drive the story to where it is supposed to go and I don’t think sorties would be listened to if it wasn’t for the back ground music/sounds.