My own personal Tattoo

For this assignment we are to create a taboo that represents who we are. I love tattoos, especially when they have tons of meaning behind them. I have chosen a tattoo that I actually created myself and sent to a tattoo artist to put all my ideas together. I have this tattooed on my back on my left shoulder and I absolutely love it. The only thing that sucks about it being on my back is I don’t see it as much as I’d like.

This tattoo represents me because before my dad passed away he told me the song we would dance to at our wedding would be “I loved her first” by heartland. So I changed it up and made it he loved me first. I then added the tree that is half alive and half dead because even though my dad isn’t on the earth his presence is not dead. I then added 2 silhouettes representing me and my dad walking together with birds flying up representing him flying to heaven. Overall, my tattoo has a lot of meaning into it and makes me feel like my dad is on my shoulder everyday which makes me the person I am today.

I edited my tattoo with different effects and associated them with the first mood that came to mind. Unfortunately, even though my tattoo brings me happiness I feel like the moods to describe these are sad. I really like how the black and white version turned out!

This is the only tattoo I have on my body right now and I defiantly plan on getting more. However, I want all my tattoos to mean something so I like to think long and hard to know I will never regret it!