My Point of View

Unlike most, I haven’t spent this pandemic quarantined much. Weird Right? As a manager of a restaurant I was considered essential, and on top of that my owner got into a bad accident leaving him in a Full body brace. Since then I was told I had to run the place and work almost everyday as there is only one other person who can manage the restaurant. Unfortunately, I am the only one who knows how to do the orders and scheduling. While taking 3 classes online and taking working over 40 hours a week it has been the struggle but has really kept me out of the slump of being stuck in the house. For that I am grateful! However, a day stuck in the house catching up on some TV shows sounds great right about now. I am always careful when working and have a really responsible staff who takes our customers safety as a priority! So here is a 90 second video around the restaurant Ledo pizza located here in Fredericksburg. I see this place 6 times a week so this is really my point of view! Enjoy and come get some pizza soon!


Below is my Video!