My Sick Beat

Ive never made a beat before and was more challenging than I thought. I started by finding the sounds on free of course. I picked a couple I liked and thought it would sound great together because they were all cool beats. I was jamming out when I was listening to the beats. That was really entertaining. I started putting them together, taking away some sound, shortening some of them and rearranging the way the beats would go with each other. I decided instead of doing a pause in-between each one I would have them overlap a little so it wasn’t such a hard change. Once they were finally put together I was happy with how it turned out. Until I started listening to it over and over again. I thought I may have overplayed it so I wanna know what you think! So go listen to my sick beat!

I made this by downloading Audacity to my Mac and using freesound.ord to pick my beats. Once I uploaded the beats I used the different tools Audacity has to offer to moosh them together. I then saved it as a MP3 file and uploaded to Soundcloud to get my finished product!