Summary Of my Comments

This week I chose to comment on 5 of my peers. I tried to refrain from just saying I liked their assignments and went into more detail of why I enjoyed it.

First, I commented on Melissa Rollins and I stated to her that I really enjoyed that she picked the assignment where you told a story using sound effects. She told a 911 story using emergency sounds. I gave her advice to use more emergency noises, but other than that enjoyed her assignment.

Next, I commented on Mackenzie Moore’s assignment. She did the one where you took 5 of your favorite sounds and mashed them together. I told her how much I loved this assignment because of how you can correlate sounds to happiness.

Next, I commented on Maryanne D’Souza as she did the sound effect assignment. I stated that I liked how she did a technique by leaving her story open ended and letting the listener decide how to end her emergency story. It was clever and I wouldn’t have thought about doing that!

Next, I commented on Josh Gladstones summary about the articles and videos we watched with the audio experts. I commented on how it was cool he had done audio before and how he was on the radio. I as well agreed with him how hard this might be because telling a story in a short amount of time is very difficult.

Lastly, I commented on Jacob Barker. He did the assignment where you make an audio sound and create a place. I thought this was really interesting because when listening to his audio you could defiantly tell you were in a city!

Overall, I enjoyed seeing what my classmates are doing since I’ve been so caught up in my own assignments. It was defiantly refreshing. I enjoyed seeing what I could do better and differently because some of their ideas I would have never thought about.