The Joker Pencil Trick and Mob Scene

For this assignment I picked a scene from the Joker because it was one I had never seen before.

First, I watched the scene with NO audio at all. I took notes on a piece of paper so I wouldn’t forget anything I noticed. I noticed when just watching the scene a couple of movement tricks. In this scene I could tell it was an intense scene because of the intense transitions from person to person when they were talking. Also, the light was dim and low which gave this scene a more serious vibe! The angles were mainly up close which intensified who was talking however they switched up a couple times and did some background angles where you could see the joker walking towards the group of people. The effects were portrayed by the video by moving when starting to fight/argue. It also looked like it shifted when people threw on slammed things. When the argument started to get heated the camera started going faster from person to person making the argument amplified.

Next, I turned off the video and went to a different tab and listened to the audio track only. I noticed that at first you could hear slow music that felt like it was going to lead to something as well as the jokers feet walking in. When the talking started the voices were low and deep giving the more serious vibe. There was a lot of slamming noises as well! Between each person talking I noticed they would have sorta a long pause which made it more dramatic. The voices got louder and more intense as the conversation turned into a argument and then you could hear the door get slammed opened! With all of the noises you could defiantly tell there was an intense argument happening and you could feel it.

Finally, I put them all together and tried to find things I didn’t notice before. I noticed the sounds lead up to him walking in. I had also missed the magic trick completely because I didn’t realize what was happening with no audio. I also missed the gestures of the people around the Joker like the hand movements and the terrified and angry looks on the faces. They added in background noises like laughing when the joker was talking and uses the camera movements with the slamming of things and doors.

Overall, it was interesting listening and watching multiple times in different ways. You defiantly miss a lot when watching something once and most people don’t even realize it. The scene defiantly took movement and sound effects to their advantage while making the aggression of the argument more intense as the time in the scene went on. I missed more of the video than I would say I did than the audio and I am not sure if that is normal or not. I also noticed from reading Ebert’s column that they used a lot of having the main person talking in focus on the right side of the camera which is said to be more positive until the argument got intense than the main focus person was in the left part of the screen which seems more negative. I would say the dominant contrast would be dark because it was a intense mood.