Was that Santa?

It was Christmas Eve and everyone was on edge wondering if this year would be the year we finally caught Santa doing what he does best. My eyes were getting heavy but I just knew it would be soon so I held my eyes open to keep me from falling asleep. I had my window open to hear the sleigh bells. Then all the sudden I heard it! It started off with birds twirping and outside noises than BANG! I hopped up and knew this had to be Santa! Then, I could hear sleigh bells from a distant. I was so excited! I ran downstairs and the most magical sounds started playing as Santa was in my house delivering presents. Before I knew it, I was back in my own bed. How did I get here I thought to myself. I then realized I had fallen asleep and Santa came in my dreams.

I was able to make this by using audacity to combine all my sound affects together. I downloaded all my sounds using free sound.org and typed in Christmas because I knew that was going to be what my story was going to be about. I then saved it as a MP3 and uploaded to sound cloud to be Abe to embed it in my blog post here!