Week 5 Summary

This week was all about our Final Project that I made about Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen. Below is my final project for this course. Creating everything for this project took me a couple days but once I had my story I stuck to it. The assignments actually helped me lead the story as […]

Once upon a OLAF

Once upon a time in Arendelle Norway, there was a snowman named OLAF. He was the happiest snowman you could ever meet. He loved everything about Norway and loved having fun with friends! Most of all he loved taking pictures. He was having a blast with his friends Ana and Elsa through the winter months. […]


I found this assignment under design worth 3 1/2 stars and thought this would be fun to add to my story! This assignment was to create a Missing Person poster. I created this by using the app Canva and started by finding the template and picture of Olaf that I wanted to use. I then […]

Charity Fund

For this assignment I decided to do another design assignment that was to create a charity AD. This was worth 3 1/2 stars and was really fun to make and fit into my story perfectly! I made this by using the app Canva on my iPhone. I first started by finding my background picture and […]

Cover Photo

I decided to do another visual assignment and worth 3 1/2 stars where you take a movie poster and make it silly. Create a silly Movie Poster I decided to do this one because seeing Olaf on the cover of a magazine is funny and I have an idea of how to incorporate a funny […]

Summer Time Story

For a video assignment I chose the Tell Your Story worth 3 stars. I chose this because I wanted to tell Olaf’s story when he discovered summer and was enjoying it until realizing he was starting to melt because of the heat. I made this by first finding all the images of Olaf that I […]

Danger is coming

For this audio assignment I decided to do the mash up of beats from the assignment bank. I chose to do this so I could incorporate the danger of melting when summer starts to come around and how Olaf feels. In this soundtrack you can feel the suspense leading up to the big boom! I […]

It’s Me OLAF

I took this assignment out of the visual assignment bank. It was the Brady bunch assignment. I wanted to take different picture of Olaf to start my story by introducing him with multiple scenes from the movies FROZEN. I made this by starting off with finding the pictures of OLAF that I wanted to use. […]

Weekly Summary Week 4

Wow! I can’t believe this class is almost over and we only have one more week to go. This week was all about video. Just like audio I am not comfortable with any video editing software. However, I liked video a lot better than audio. I guess visual intrigues me more. This week I struggled […]