My Point of View

Unlike most, I haven’t spent this pandemic quarantined much. Weird Right? As a manager of a restaurant I was considered essential, and on top of that my owner got into a bad accident leaving him in a Full body brace. Since then I was told I had to run the place and work almost everyday […]

Grow Remi Grow

For this video assignment to observe something grow worth 3 stars I decided to use my puppy dog Remington. It is amazing to look back at pictures when Remi was so small compared to the human size he is now. Remi is a chocolate lab who loves anyone who is willing to give him attention. […]

Comments Week 4

This week I wanted to do my comments before I did my assignments because I wanted to get a feel of how my classmates were navigating their videos to give me ideas. I had already read through the assignment bank and I realized I missed over some good ones when looking at my classmates. Below […]

Do these methods work?

When Reading over Robert Ebert’s column I think his methods do work unintentionally. Before reading it, I would have never thought the sides that a character is on in a movie can tell moods and how drastic changes like that can be. He stated that the person on the right will be more dominant than […]

Let me sleep…

This assignment was to create something relaxing that you could play over and over again. I stared by going through a lot of relaxing sounds and that may not have been a good idea. I fell asleep in the middle of the day trying to pick good sound tracks. I never take naps! After my […]

Was that Santa?

It was Christmas Eve and everyone was on edge wondering if this year would be the year we finally caught Santa doing what he does best. My eyes were getting heavy but I just knew it would be soon so I held my eyes open to keep me from falling asleep. I had my window […]

My Sick Beat

Ive never made a beat before and was more challenging than I thought. I started by finding the sounds on free of course. I picked a couple I liked and thought it would sound great together because they were all cool beats. I was jamming out when I was listening to the beats. That […]