Let me sleep…

This assignment was to create something relaxing that you could play over and over again. I stared by going through a lot of relaxing sounds and that may not have been a good idea. I fell asleep in the middle of the day trying to pick good sound tracks. I never take naps! After my […]

Was that Santa?

It was Christmas Eve and everyone was on edge wondering if this year would be the year we finally caught Santa doing what he does best. My eyes were getting heavy but I just knew it would be soon so I held my eyes open to keep me from falling asleep. I had my window […]

My Sick Beat

Ive never made a beat before and was more challenging than I thought. I started by finding the sounds on free sound.org of course. I picked a couple I liked and thought it would sound great together because they were all cool beats. I was jamming out when I was listening to the beats. That […]

Moon Graffiti

This was a really interesting story to listen too. I think the audio people did a great job by reenacting where the story was coming from. At the beginning you heard all the different beeps and fuzzy sounds that lead to you imagine the inside of a space craft as well as being on the […]

Summary On the TED talk

When listening to the TED talk, I Agree that the background music makes things more intense and amps things up to make it feel like the story was building. However, in this I feel like the background music was a little to overpowering the story and I had a hard time staying focused to what […]

Audio From The Experts

Coming into listening from the experts I will admit everything was new to me as I have never learned about audio story telling before. via GIPHY I first listened to the first two parts of Ira glass’s videos. I enjoyed that he compared that broadcasting was nothing like anything we learned in high school writing. […]