Design Blitz

This week I looked over the concepts given and tried to get an idea of how to convey some of the topics. At first I couldn’t think of any ideas of pictures I could take until I read them over a second time. I took more than 4 and at the end of the week […]


This GIF describes me when I am starving not knowing what to eat. When I am hungry I get “Hangry” which means a hungry version of angry. My boyfriend knows not to mess with me when I am in that form. I will go on a rampage and go off about even the slightest thing! […]


For this assignment worth 4 stars, I was assigned to take a movie poster and make it animated. This seemed really interesting and thought it would be cool to do a scary movie animated to increase the effects! My favorite scary movie is Insidious and they have made multiple movies. I believe they are coming […]

Save The Turtles!

For this assignment we were to pick a picture from and come up with a new meaning using writing on top of the photo. I chose a photo off the website of people ice swimming in New Zealand and changed the meaning into a popular topic trending with the sea turtles. The people are […]

Guess the song!

For this assignment we are to make a design for one of out favorite songs right now and create a simple design with no words. This one was a little tricky but fun because I felt like I need to add more to my design to give more hints but the whole purpose of it […]

My own personal Tattoo

For this assignment we are to create a taboo that represents who we are. I love tattoos, especially when they have tons of meaning behind them. I have chosen a tattoo that I actually created myself and sent to a tattoo artist to put all my ideas together. I have this tattooed on my back […]