My Point of View

Unlike most, I haven’t spent this pandemic quarantined much. Weird Right? As a manager of a restaurant I was considered essential, and on top of that my owner got into a bad accident leaving him in a Full body brace. Since then I was told I had to run the place and work almost everyday […]

Grow Remi Grow

For this video assignment to observe something grow worth 3 stars I decided to use my puppy dog Remington. It is amazing to look back at pictures when Remi was so small compared to the human size he is now. Remi is a chocolate lab who loves anyone who is willing to give him attention. […]

Comments Week 4

This week I wanted to do my comments before I did my assignments because I wanted to get a feel of how my classmates were navigating their videos to give me ideas. I had already read through the assignment bank and I realized I missed over some good ones when looking at my classmates. Below […]

Do these methods work?

When Reading over Robert Ebert’s column I think his methods do work unintentionally. Before reading it, I would have never thought the sides that a character is on in a movie can tell moods and how drastic changes like that can be. He stated that the person on the right will be more dominant than […]