Week 5 Summary

This week was all about our Final Project that I made about Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen. Below is my final project for this course. Creating everything for this project took me a couple days but once I had my story I stuck to it. The assignments actually helped me lead the story as […]

Weekly Summary Week 4

Wow! I can’t believe this class is almost over and we only have one more week to go. This week was all about video. Just like audio I am not comfortable with any video editing software. However, I liked video a lot better than audio. I guess visual intrigues me more. This week I struggled […]

Week 2 Summary

Whew, what a week. Going into this week I was still a little intimidated that I may not fit well into this class as I am not artistic and tech savvy. However, When reading the directions and recreating the assignments it wasn’t as bad as I intended. This week as well I tried to pace […]