Once upon a OLAF

Once upon a time in Arendelle Norway, there was a snowman named OLAF. He was the happiest snowman you could ever meet. He loved everything about Norway and loved having fun with friends! Most of all he loved taking pictures.

He was having a blast with his friends Ana and Elsa through the winter months. He had heard of his friends talking about summer but had no idea what that was because he was just made this winter! He asked all around “What is summer?”. The responses he got got Olaf excited, summer seemed magical! Summer was full of fun with sunshine and the beach! Olaf went to sleep dreaming about what summer would be like. Waves crashing, beach waves and yummy drinks he dreamt.

Days went on and Olaf was counting down the days until summertime. Finally, the temperature started to increase and Olaf thought he was loosing weight. “PERFECT” he scream just in time for my beach body. However, as days got hotter and hotter he knew something was wrong. He went to Ana and Elsa for help. “Olaf you’re melting!” Elsa shouted. They all knew something had to be done. They could hear danger coming from afar as the as each day got worse and Olaf got even smaller.

The 3 started to brainstorm and come up with ways to prevent melting from occurring. They struggled with this because there wasn’t many freezing cold places Olaf could go. The Ice castle was the coldest, however it wasn’t freezing to keep Olaf in one piece.

Unfortunately, with how hot it gets they knew melting might be inevitable. However, that was nothing to stop the 3 from trying to save Olaf. One day Ana and Elsa went out to find resources to try and make the Ice castle as cold as possible. They looked everywhere up and down but came up with no luck. Since they had been gone all day they decided to head back to the castle to check on Olaf and try again tomorrow. When they got back Olaf was no where to be found. “Run and Look” Elsa screamed to Ana. They scattered in a hurry worried something bad happened to Olaf. They decided to make posters and hang them up all around Arendelle in hopes someone had seen Olaf.

While Ana and Elsa were looking they noticed a puddle by the fireplace in the ice castle. They cried out for help thinking they had just lost Olaf for good. All of the sudden a wizard appears telling Elsa and Ana that he could place a spell around the Ice castle to make It a melt free zone and help rebuild Olaf back to one piece. “Great” they said! However, the wizard stated he can not do it for free, there will be a charge to generate temperatures like that. This put Elsa and Ana into worry as they had no money to pay this Wizard. They didn’t know what they were going to do. Ana propped up out of nowhere and said “I have an Idea!”. The town of Arendelle is always looking to help, if we ran a charity here at the Ice castle I bet the people of Arendelle would come and help! “Great Idea!” Elsa said.

July 25th came around, and the turnout was amazing at the Ice castle! It looked like the whole town showed up wanting to rebuild Olaf and donate to the magical wizard! Elsa and Ana couldn’t have been happier. By 5pm when the charity was over and everyone had left they asked the Wizard if they had made enough to cast the spell. The wizard responded that they had more than enough and he would grant the with and bring Olaf back to life! BOOM! All the sudden it started getting colder and colder and I couldn’t believe it. “Hey guys” Olaf said. Elsa and Ana couldn’t believe that Olaf appeared right before their eyes! They all ran and hugged each other and was so happy! The town of arendelle did it! The whole town celebrated all night long and Olaf even made the cover of the magazine with of course his friends!

Olaf now lives in a place where he know he can stay solid and he lives on happily ever after.