Vingelli Canon

When reading over Vigelli’s book all I could notice was the mesmerizing pictures. I love how he states under pragmatics that designs are better when you do not need to give any explanation. I feel like that is so true, when you look at a design and don’t have to question why it was put together the way it is is a good design. Design has to be forceful and can’t be sloppy. Again I agree with that because no one is going to want to look at a sloppy design. I like how Vingelli went into different topics, especially some that I had never heard of before. Putting the images next to the words gave me a better visual of what that design is trying o portray or look like. Because of that I felt like I understood all the topics a lot better than if I would have just read the book. I think the part talking about Visual Power really stood out to me because he included different things you could to achieve these like manipulating light through different textures and materials. I think this gave me a different approach to design I have not thought about before. Honestly, I have never gone into and researched different areas of design so this gave me all new knowledge and was a good read!