End of Week 1 Summary

This week I was a little intimidated, I still didn’t know what to expect and at first it seemed a little overwhelming. I told myself I would do a little each day and that made the work load seem not bad at all. These assignments this week were fun to make and creating a story to go a long with them was interesting as well! This week I am not sure what gave me the most trouble. I would say probably finding an editing software since I did not have photoshop and then trying to learn the software I found. Other than that everything was pretty self explanatory and easy to explain how I created them. The screen recording on my iPhone came in handy! I learned more about photography than I ever have before because I have never really given it much though before. I took closer look at posing things/getting the best lighting/ setting backgrounds and more to make my picture better. I also learned to play around with editing software which was fun! I am not sure if I would do anything differently because I am happy with how much assignment pictures turned out! I defiantly am going to stay on top of my work so it does not pile up at the end of the week!

Below I am going to first embed my daily creates I posted on twitter this week.

Next are my 4 assignments equalling to 10 stars!

Worth 2 stars
SPUBBLE! Worth 2 stars
Worth 3 starts
Worth 3 stars

Next was my 15 minute photo safari that was a adventure!

Lastly, is my photo reflection and what I learned based on the material provided!

Ending this week I am looking forward to the coming weeks going into using different techiniques!