Week 2 Summary

Whew, what a week. Going into this week I was still a little intimidated that I may not fit well into this class as I am not artistic and tech savvy. However, When reading the directions and recreating the assignments it wasn’t as bad as I intended. This week as well I tried to pace myself and section everything out day by day so I didn’t feel overwhelmed one day. This helps me so much because what seemed like so much work wasn’t bad at all. Take a little time each day of the week and the workload isn’t so bad. This week I really enjoyed design. I got to think of things I had never thought about before and capture different concepts in pictures. I first read up on Vocelli’s book and gave some of my thoughts on that.

Next, I did my design blitz to try and recreate some design concepts.

Each day for 4 days I as well did my daily creates on twitter. These are fun to do because you never know what your going to post each day!

This week we had to do at least 5 assignments up to 12 stars and one assignment had to be higher than 4 stars which made me nervous but ended up not being bad at all!

Next, we were to create 2 gifs. I think this was my favorite thing we had to do this week. I am a HUGE GIF fan and use them all the time when I text so creating them was fun. I first struggled with it making my cowboys one but I think the more I create them the easier it will get and I will be defiantly making more!

Overall, this week was very interesting. I think learning the design softwares and manipulating pictures gave me the most trouble as I was not comfortable with using it. However, when I was finished I was really proud of my work and look forward to keep learning new things so I can use these accounts and software after this class! I think if I could have done things differently I might have made different gifs. That was the assignment I felt like I was least comfortable with even though it was my favorite to do. I think I just need more practice making them. I learned a lot this week! I learned how to take the different design concepts and bring them to life and I really enjoyed seeing the outcome of my pictures. I think I portrayed the concepts well and felt really accomplished by this! I wasn’t sure what this week with design was going to hold but so far it was my favorite compared to last week. I am excited to keep this journey going and move into more new things!