Week 5 Summary

This week was all about our Final Project that I made about Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen. Below is my final project for this course.

Creating everything for this project took me a couple days but once I had my story I stuck to it. The assignments actually helped me lead the story as they made me come up with new ideas. I knew when I created my story I wanted to do something totally different than what the story was actually about in the real movie. I made a different blog post for each of the assignments I did for the project on why I picked it and how I created it. I will link these below. Out of all of them I did more than 20 stars!

I can not believe how fast this class went by. To be honest I had no idea what to expect coming in. I was very intimidated at first and even questioned dropping the class as I was working a full time job as well. I am so happy I didn’t, I learned so much and went out of my comfort zone which was stressful but refreshing. This class was so much fun and way different than any other class I have had before because it was me creating and navigating through things that incorporated my life.


I learned about different angles and manipulating light in a visual way, how to create GIFS, posters, and other designs, how to use audacity to create my own sounds and beats, and last but not least how to use iMovie on my Mac book that I didn’t even know was there before this class. I think design was my favorite week because of the different ways you can create something and make it your own. I struggled with audio and video the most because it was the topics I had the least experience in. But overall, I think my work was good and I put all of my effort into it. I am proud of all the assignments I created and will use these new platforms more regularly now that I know the ropes. I think the most exciting part for me was just as simple as creating and navigating my website! I discovered that blogging is so. much fun and having your own website is a great way to express yourself, so I may look into that more in the future.


I don’t know if I would do much differently if I did the class again because I do feel like I did the best of my ability and put a lot of time into my assignments. I think I would enjoy the first two weeks more because I was nervous so I think I rushed more because I didn’t know what I was expecting. So my advice to future students would be enjoy the course because there isn’t anything like it! Other than that I am happy I did this course!

Thank you for a great 5 week course and I am excited to take my new skills with me!