Weekly Summary Week 3

This week has honestly not been the best. I think since audio is so much out of my comfort zone it made me anxious which reflected back on my work. I don’t think I didn’t do it to my best ability, but when looking at my classmates they had some great ideas! I think learning Audacity was my biggest challenge this week. I used it for all of my assignments so I looked up videos on youtube and it helped a ton. Once I got the hang of it I think I started to actually enjoy this week. My favorite part was listening to sounds that take you to a different place. Doing assignments like those are so enjoyable to me because it shows how effective audio can be. I give major props to all audio experts and broadcasters because there is a lot more to it than what it seems!

First this week I did my summaries on the experts!

Then, my summary on the Moon Graffiti

Next we go onto the assignments for the week equalling up to 12 stars

Next, my daily creates for this week

Then my comments for 5 of my classmates!

Overall, I think I did this week to the best of my ability for it being a first. If I could have changed anything I think I would have gone and looked at my classmates ideas to help guide me in the right direction. However, I don’t know how much that would have helped me. I learned so much about the audio field that I have never even thought of before. I enjoyed listening about what goes into a story and the process that it takes. Even though this has been my least favorite week thus far, I hope to take my skills of audacity and keep expanding them.