Weekly Summary Week 4

Wow! I can’t believe this class is almost over and we only have one more week to go. This week was all about video. Just like audio I am not comfortable with any video editing software. However, I liked video a lot better than audio. I guess visual intrigues me more. This week I struggled the most with saving my projects. I am not sure why it took me forever to figure out how to save and upload my movies from iMovie to youtube. Maybe I was just being a blonde but I defiantly struggled there. Overall, I felt more relaxed this week which was a nice breather and felt better about my work than last week. I gained ideas from my fellow classmates as well which I really enjoyed and wish I would have done the first 2 weeks! It was also refreshing just to look at others work to take a break from mine. This week is coming in at a close 2nd as my favorite with visual being my favorite. So overall I enjoyed this week and learned so much about movie editing and how to set up a scene with positions and lighting!

First, I am listing my daily creates for the week below

Next, I am posting my summary on Reading Movies

Next, is my Look Listen and Analyze Blog Post that I created with a Joker scene

Next, I went to my classmates websites and gave them some feedback!

Last but not least are my assignments for the week up to eight stars

First, I did the assignment observing something growing worth 3 stars showed my my dog Remington!

Next, I did the point of view assignment worth 5 stars of the location I see the most which is my job at Ledo Pizza!

This has been a fun week and I am excited to tackle the final week and have a break from classes for a month! Time to finish strong!