Blog Post #1: Introduction

Hi All,

I wanted to link all of my social media platforms so you can start to get to know me more in various ways!

First we have twitter, I have a personal account but I have decided to make a serrate account for digital storytelling so its easier to focus on the class when I am tweeting! Be sure to go follow me!

Next, I created a Flickr which I had never heard about before until researching this class and I love this app! I am a picture freak and love apps that you can edit and upload photos too! Check out my first few pictures I posted when making an account. Here is one but go to my account to see the rest.


This is me with my dad at the cemetery he is at for Father’s Day!

Next, is my youtube channel. I only have one video that is from the class Managment 301 with professor Dunn and it is a introduction video as well so feel free to check that out! I am exited to be making more videos this semester so be on the look out for those! My link is

Next I will post my link to Soundcloud. To be honest I have never used this app before so I will be excited to play around and see how it works. Stay tuned for some posts!