Mid-week 1

When first entering into DS106, I will admit I was anxious. I know I am not a tech savvy person and the introduction email put a little fear in my heart that maybe I should take another class for this general requirement. However, I stayed because I like to take on new challenges when I am not in my comfort zone. These past couple of days I have started creating the necessary accounts needed for this class. This was fun to me even though I had never even heard of some of the apps before. I had fun uploading the introductions and looking through my pictures and picking some that I felt described me best. I am defiantly not a person that usually talks about me so it was defiantly different but in a good way. I am also excited to use youtube and Soundcloud and get to know how to use them better.

Above is my All About Me page on my website where you can take a closer look into who I am. Below is my introduction post where I included all the different accounts I will be using this semester!

I think the most challenging part I came across was learning Web press and how to set up my domain. This took hours (which was well warned), however creating a website is fun! Since I am not tech savvy at all the littlest things like making menus felt like a huge accomplishment. I still am learning how to set this website up, but I believe it is getting less of a challenge as I keep playing around with the different tools.

Overall, I think my anxiety has gone down a little from the beginning as I am starting to get the hang of creating my website and can actually enjoy it. I am looking forward to what this class holds while incorporating stories in with my life! I am ready to bring on these next five weeks!